State Financing & Tax Credits

The Partnership helps businesses and industries identify and qualify for a multitude of incentive programs offered by the State of Mississippi. Here are some examples:

  • Jobs Tax Credit
    Credits can be applied to reduce state income tax liability for certain types of businesses. The credit amount ranges from 2.5% to 10% of payroll, depending on the county classification and number of jobs.
  • Industrial Property Tax Exemption
    Provides up to a 10-year exemption from property taxes for eligible industries.
  • Energy Investment Loan Program
    Provides loans for buildings or equipment up to $300,000 per business for a maximum of seven years. The interest rate is 3% below the prime rate.
  • Capital Improvements Revolving Loan Program (CAP)
    Provides loans to municipalities and counties for public facilities and infrastructure to assist with business relocation or expansion. Loans may not exceed $1 million per project. Loans may be for a maximum of 20 years; the annual interest rate is 3% for taxable activities and 2% for tax-exempt activities.
  • Community Development Block Grant Program
    Provides grants to municipalities or counties for infrastructure improvements to assist with the relocation or expansion of businesses. The maximum grant amount per project is $650,000.
  • Mississippi Business Investment Act Loan Program (MBIA)
    Provides funding for public infrastructure to municipalities and counties to assist with business relocation or expansion. Eligible projects can receive a loan for up to $15,000 per job created by the eligible business and is matched by $1 of state money to $3 of private investment by the eligible business. Loans can be for a maximum of 10 years.
  • Economic Development Highway Program (EDH)
    Provides grants to municipalities and counties for publicly owned roads and must be used in conjunction with the relocation, expansion, or construction of industry.
  • A comprehensive listing of available state tax incentives, grants, and loan programs is available on the Mississippi Development Authority website.


Incentive Resources

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